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Nov 11, 2017
RE/MAX Grand's In House Insurance Company - Brooks Insurance saved me $1250. on my yearly Homeowners Policy with Better Coverage.

If you have not had a chance to have Brooks Insurance look at your personal Insurance you may be missing an opportunity to save some $$$.
- Matt Rembert

Jul 5, 2015
“Over the last 7 years, Trey Brooks has been my go-to contact when it comes to my personal and business insurance – not just auto, but hazard insurance for single-family and multi-family dwellings as well as general liability and builder’s risk policies. When comparing policies which others have quoted, those companies which he partnership with are very price competitive in oranges to oranges comparisons. And what really sets Trey apart from others, is his responsiveness, knowledge and ability to get questions answered quickly and thoroughly. I will never hesitate to recommend him to any of my clients as real estate professional and investor. “
- Brad Stevens